Don't be put off by the christian tone in this little book. It's a great source of information needed to fight tyranny. It's available for free online as a pdf. CITIZENS-RULE-BOOK.pdf. Jury duty, important parts of Supreme Court decisions. I've been on Jury duty before and that selection alone makes this worth a look. Also very good is Carltext.pdf and for some good videos teaching how to use the Constitution to protect rights would be a you tube search with these words: Carl Miller Constitution.

You can now reach this group by simply typing into your browser.

We are going to be organizing more Pagan firearms events here in central Oklahoma. For all Pagans in the area - There is a nice FREE shooting range located in the Lexington Wildlife Management Area. 14398 180th St, Lexington, OK 73051 - There are several very nice covered areas with plenty of targets and stands.

Thanks for the add I look forward to connecting with like minded patriots 💜

Pentacle is on the list of emblems allowed in national cemeteries and on government-issued headstones of soldiers in the U.S.A.. There are now many of these stones, back to WWII veterans. Remember those who fought in faith to keep all our faiths. Blessed Be!

This isn't one of those militias you have to infiltrate. There are plenty of Patriot Pagans in law enforcement, the military, the government. Chances are they are already in here with us. Tremendously great skillsets.