Last night we joined with other militias and deployed in OKC. There were only about 6 Pagans that I know of, but we were there. There was a small peaceful local march. NO BUSES. We made rendezvous with other pickup trucks over by the Myriad botanical gardens... That's where antifa buses were supposed to land. State patrol was in full gear... We went through the mall, by the civic center, through Bricktown.... NOTHING. The plan was to disable the buses so ANTIFA couldn't escape then join the guards at the Capitol. No buses showed up. They had PLANS to. They chickened out or State Patrol got them before they could even arrive. Guess the ass-whoopin they took in Fort Collins and Denver made them think twice. They WILL get destroyed if they try to burn any city around here. Luna had her axes and armor. Dream was at taekwondo training and would have arrived later... Yep, I was carrying my pistol and my old hand-me-down shotgun. Buckshot ALWAYS works.

Fuck all communists. Fuck all terrorists. If you don't like what I'm saying: FUCK YOU.

Don't be put off by the christian tone in this little book. It's a great source of information needed to fight tyranny. It's available for free online as a pdf. CITIZENS-RULE-BOOK.pdf. Jury duty, important parts of Supreme Court decisions. I've been on Jury duty before and that selection alone makes this worth a look. Also very good is Carltext.pdf and for some good videos teaching how to use the Constitution to protect rights would be a you tube search with these words: Carl Miller Constitution.