Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Day of Divination
Sun: Leo--Fixed Fire--Lively, Colorful, Confidant
Moon: 1st quarter Virgo--Mutable Earth--Details, Schedules, Duty
Mercury enters Virgo: Practicality, Decisiveness, Integration
Jupiter Retrograde: Contemplation, Breaking Habits, Prioritizing
Saturn Retrograde: Take Responsibility, Don't Cut Corners, Limitations
Uranus Retrograde: Unexpected Changes, Difficulty Focusing, Rebellion
Neptune Retrograde: Phobias Surface, Harsh Truths, Shattered Illusions
Pluto Retrograde: Evolution, Forced Transformation, Demolishing Power
Chiron Retrograde: Heal Old Wounds, Face Deep Rooted Issues, Clarity & Insight in the Depths
Celtic Tree Month: Hazel--Tree of Divination

Good morning Grove! I hope everyone is feeling more upbeat after last night's New Moon ritual! I planted a few magical seeds on a project that I'm working on--hopefully unveiled to you soon!
The hope is that it will encourage more conversation and interaction! It's been a rough year and we need community to help us keep it together. 🙂

I have this list of songs and many I've used for years for meditation, sleep, ritual, so many things. I can just hear a note from Dead can Dance, Loreena McKennit, or Wadruna, and my mind just clicks into trance mode. Do you have any favorite pagan songs? Do you listen to them for fun, relaxation, sleeping, mediation, or ritual?

Have you considered what this is? I have and in my view it's a poppet. Something we can use in our practices if it helps us in our workings. Money is an interesting word: Mon is equivalent to Moon. An example is Monday is Moon day. Money is Moon ey. -ey is a variant of -y and forms verbs (or diminutive nouns and adjectives). Verbs create movement. Money is the Movement of the moon. Astrologically the Moon is about nourishment.

With the Moon in Leo, are we not invited to nourish our authority our Sovereignty?

There are lots of possibilities. I've experimented with this a bit and have been able to increase my ride share income.

Moon Witchcraft Aesthetic

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Witchy Tea Time--Reclaiming Your Power and Tarot as a Tool

Today is the New Moon in Leo! Yay! I feel like roaring like a lion, given the rigmarole that has been 2020. I wonder if perhaps others feel the same--one way or another we've all been hit by recent events, and whenever I interact with people I get awful vibes of helplessness and defeat. That's no way to live, and perhaps making use of this tarot spread will help.
Leo is the Monarch of the Zodiac and represents sovereignty. Even if you don't have Leo in your natal chart, go ahead and put a tiara on your head, grab a scepter, and sit in your favorite chair and I'll demonstrate. During the New Moon, many of us will be making use of divination in some form, so why not take advantage of the natural energies associated with this specific new moon to give ourselves a boost?
Granted--reading for yourself can be difficult. Objectivity is hard enough, but being objective about yourself is quite daunting. So often when we read for ourselves we don't get the needed message because the cards themselves may be a simple reflection of our fears or hopes instead of plain-spoken insight. All I can say is--continue to practice and do your best. It will come in time. I laid out the spread for myself, for the sake of demonstration. I'm opening a vein for everyone, so my hope is that it will leave you with a better idea of how to self-read and understand how the cards work together to form a picture.
Now, let's get on with it!
The first card asks what situations or people are in possession of your power. We can and do give power away, but we also have the capacity to reclaim it--this gives an indication of from where. I pulled the Knight of Swords--rushing into conflict to defend beliefs, domineering determination, and cutting through the storm. If that doesn't describe my mode of being, then what does? There's a reason why there's so much defensiveness on social media--when was the last time anyone expressed an opinion that wasn't promptly attacked? When attacks are the order of the day shields are up and the phasers and torpedoes are at the ready. Add that one's "usual opponents" are not given to exploring ideas, but seek only to destroy your own and that is a recipe for becoming uncompromising, tactless and formidable. Very useful in defending the castle--not quite as useful in conversation. But a conversation requires mutual good will, and how often are both parties approaching the exchange honestly?
So if this is what I need to reclaim my power from, then there are a few immediate solutions. The first of which is to refrain from getting into "debates" on social media. This means not checking replies and being more choosy about whether certain pages and groups are places suited for commenting at all. Perhaps making my case independently would be better.
The second card asks how can I *lovingly* stand in my fierceness and power? It's not the nothing that the Lion is equally feared and admired. The card received is the Ten of Pentacles; traditions, patterns of success, long-term efforts. Traditions serve as a cultures common ground (watch out for people seeking to destroy traditions), and it also requires thinking long-term and looking at the big picture. By withdrawing from the day to day controversies (that doubtless have a ghastly effect upon my blood pressure) and focusing on principles and the long-term consequences I will be more likely to make good use of Leo power and less likely to scare people off.
The third card asks how I can hold sacred space for healing and a carefree spirit. Two of Cups--alchemy of soulmates, living relationship, the ebb and flow. From this card, I glean the need to further invest in a relationship--which makes sense as I am married. There is no time when a marriage does not require further investment from both parties--particularly on the emotional level. The more I strengthen the relationship with my husband, the greater a mutual support system we both have. That in turn benefits my spiritual practice and overall well-being.
The fourth card asks how can I express more love and generosity to those in my sacred circle? Even if you're not part of a formal, in-person coven, odds are that you will form friendships with other practitioners through social media--at least to a degree. The card I got was The Lovers and apart from it's obvious surface meaning it also involves the formation of a family, a unity of opposites, and negotiation of choices. Creating and maintaining strong bonds with other practitioners takes considerable time, effort, and investment--and of course, not all people you encounter will be the sort of people in whom you will invest. That's certainly been the case for me. I see this as a nudge to nurture the relationships in my spiritual community that are worth nurturing and let the rest attend to itself. This can be done by exchanging knowledge, being available for readings, and showing support through difficulties. Showing support is undoubtedly what I struggle with the most because at the end of the day I know that I can't solve someone's problems for them and while I can cheer on their efforts to solve their own problems I know that's of limited benefit. It doesn't help that on the occasions in which I've needed support the pattern has been that people don't generally understand what I'm needing support with and any comfort they offer tens to be what they themselves would want/need in a similar situation. I end up spending more time explaining myself about what the problem actually is (not what they assumed it to be) and the reasons why it is bothering me (also not what people assume) and by the end of it I'm more frustrated than I was before and heartily wish I hadn't brought it up to begin with. So yes--mutual support is certainly an area of weakness that could stand to be addressed. I haven't worked out the details, but I don't think that learning to exchange meaningless platitudes will be the answer.
The fifth card is the wild card and I got The Wheel of Fortune--which is wild in and of itself! It represents patterns & cycles, the bigger picture, and destiny. This is something I'll be meditating on during this moon cycle. There are many ways how this card might apply.
The last card represents a message from the gods and what they think I ought to know. Death appeared and that deals with shedding the old and being clothes in the new, inescapable and irreversible change, as well as the concepts of death and rebirth. This card comes as a relief because things as they are--on every level--simply cannot continue to tread water. Change is necessary and will put an end to some of the frustrations I've been facing. It also tells me not to look backwards--the past is gone, the present circumstances will soon be joining it, so what matters is what I do next and what happens next. That is much more manageable.
I hope this long-winded demonstration has been of some help. If you try out this spread for yourself, please let me know in the comments.

Hail Brigantia!
Today's full moon is in Leo, and reclaiming one's sovereignty over one's own life is a major theme. Who better to call upon than a goddess of sovereignty?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Tarot of the Day--Justice
Weighed All Sides--Objectivity & Morality--Acknowledging Truth

Justice is a concept unique to humanity and the gods. It is a subject that is constantly wrestled with, and generally the focus is how can the institutions and other people better exercise justice. However--given that today is the New Moon, and that is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and begin a more constructive path, let's turn that question towards ourselves and contemplate how we can show justice towards others?
There can be no justice without judgment, and judgment is a concept that requires considerable rehabilitation. For over 20 years now (according to my memory--that's at least when I first noticed this trend) judgement has been widely condemned and that has gone mainstream (which in and of itself is a judgment, now isn't it!) Judgment has become synonymous in many people's minds with condemnation (it can be a related word, but the definitions are different). It has been seen as capricious, and formed without reason and without the benefit of facts. It has come to be something that "only nasty, hateful people do.", which again is another judgment in and of itself.
I submit that there is no such thing as a human being who does not judge--judgement is an aspect of our survival. We have to make judgments about how and why to live, how to sustain that life, what do to with that life--even if someone never actually decides and drifts with every wind that blows that person still made the judgment not to decide and allow others and their environment to do the thinking for them.
The proper question is--upon what principles does our judgment rest? That is where the wrestling within the soul occurs, and we delve into the realms of philosophy, theology, science and culture. Sorting through that is the work of a lifetime--not ten minutes after seeing a meme on social media. It is daunting, but is never the less worthwhile--thinking about such matters is part of what it means to be human as our capacity to do this is a shadow of the gods.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Correspondences for Authority
Color: Gray
Plant: Borage
Animal: Osprey
Stone: Lodestone

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Day of Challenges
Sun: Leo--Fixed Fire--Lively, Colorful, Confident
Moon: 4th quarter Leo--Fixed Fire--the Self, Central Ideas, Institutions. NEW MOON 9:42 pm
Jupiter Retrograde: Contemplation, Breaking Habits, Prioritizing
Saturn Retrograde: Take Responsibility, Don't Cut Corners, Limitations
Uranus Retrograde: Unexpected Changes, Difficulty Focusing, Rebellion
Neptune Retrograde: Phobias Surface, Harsh Truths, Shattered Illusions
Pluto Retrograde: Evolution, Forced Transformation, Demolishing Power
Chiron Retrograde: Heal Old Wounds, Face Deep Rooted Issues, Insight & Clarity in the Depths
Celtic Tree Month: Hazel--Tree of Divination