Sunday, August 16, 2020
Tarot of the Day--The High Priestess

The High Priestess has a way a reminding practitioners who they are and to sit up straighter in their chairs. It's a way of life, it's a calling--and it's a job!
From time to time it's good for us to ask ourselves whether are not we're "walking our talk" and to make adjustments when needed and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
During the lockdowns was a prime opportunity for study and to delve more deeply into our books in a way that perhaps there wasn't time for before.
Is the way we practice a source of joy? Certainly I would hope so--but if something isn't working this is the year to try something different and allow ourselves to evolve.
For Seekers, ask yourself, "is it really that I want to practice witchcraft? or is it that I am called to a pagan path without taking the further step towards priesthood?" It makes a difference--and knowing yourself is important.

Sunday, August 16, 2020
Correspondences for Healing
Color: Amber
Plant: Goldenseal
Animal: Canary
Stone: Citrine

Indigo Witch Aesthetic

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Witchy Tea Time--Preparing for Autumn

As far as I'm concerned, Autumn begins September 1st and lasts through November 30th. Nevermind the back-chat about "ACUTALLY fall begins on the equinox and ends at the winter solstice". Yes, yes, yes--we're all duly impressed by your knowledge of the technicalities and your enthusiasm to "educate" the unwashed masses. I also hear the cries of people who say that if it doesn't "feel" like autumn, then it isn't autumn. I see your point--truly I do--nevertheless I am putting on my Leo tiara and declaring that "the Crown has not solicited your opinion at this time."
Fall begins September 1st and that is when I decorate the house, redo my altar for Mabon and stock up on cider! As I live in Missouri it is completely within the realm of possibility that there will be 90 degree days in September. The dawn might be a muggy mess instead the crisp chill that heightens the senses. The leaves will not yet have the manners to turn colors and fall gracefully into the ground. In such circumstances, one might even be forced to drink iced cider rather than hot cider--all very demoralizing to be sure.
But I don't let that stop me! I bring out the goldenrod yellows, burnt oranges, and fiery reds and create as much as the atmosphere as I can--while beginning my annual watching of classic monster movies. I'm not afraid to set the weather a good example! ;)
But--before all this joyousness takes place, a few preparations are required before hand. Not the least of which is a good thorough seasonal cleaning. Nothing shakes up the energy in a house quite like a good old-fashioned top to bottom, back to front cleaning and clear out. Empty every closet, clean out every drawer--evaluate if anything needs to be thrown out, given away, or repurposed--and just get everything in order! I've even been known to completely reorganize the bookcases.
I'll put away everything summer related and create a blank slate--most especially on my altar, which is a bookcase my husband made for me some years ago. The top is the altar and the shelves beneath it are used for the books I reference the most often, most frequently used divination tools, as well as general supplies. My goal is for this to be a balance of practicality and beauty.
This is also the time when I get my autumn and winter clothes out of storage and make sure that they're easily accessible and ready for use when the weather turns. There is something returning to wearing cozy layers that's appealing about melting through the summer months--and it becomes more pleasant on the days when I happen to wear black. Even the lightest, most air-flow friendly black blouses on a hot Missouri summer day are perfectly miserable, and I'm glad when those days are over for the year!
The last aspect of preparation is more on the mental and spiritual levels. We're leaving the planting and growing seasons and the mindset that goes with them. This is a different phase, and it's not just the literal harvest and winter preparation. The spirit focuses inwardly and that's of special concern this year. Confinement, restriction, frustration, anxiety, injustice--these things have dominated our inner landscapes and makes us ill-prepared for the cooling months. Late autumn and winter keeps us close to our houses and while cabin fever happens it may be more challenging to face this year.
My hope is that in my musings the coming months will enrich the spirit--and as I get ready to say goodbye to the summer it will be the right time to make plans to manifest that into reality.

Hail Arianrhod!

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Tarot of the Day--Knight of Cups
Romantic Disposition--Idealistic--Dreamer

All knights are messengers, but the Knight of Cups is by far the most likely to stop and smell the roses while he's at it. He is prone to get caught up in "matters of honor". When the world (and people) don't live up to their potential and highest ideals the Knight will feel crushed in his deepest of hearts.
On the card you can see the horse looks in one direction (where the message must be delivered), while the Knight looks the opposite way. He is not focused upon the task at hand, nor does he experience a sense of urgency about his mission. If he's passionately pursuing something it will be the result of emotional impulse--not because it was his job to do it.
The Knight is a Lancelot in search of a Guinevere and a Round Table. He is the sort who will love Arthur immensely, but will ultimately follow his heart, even if that leads him to torment. The Knight of Cups is the embodiment of the pitfalls of allowing emotion to steer the wheel.

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Correspondences for Endurance
Color: Indigo
Plant: Comfrey
Animal: Shark
Stone: Sodalite

Saturday, August 15, 2020
Day of Witchcraft
Sun: Leo--Fixed Fire--Lively, Colorful, Confident
Moon: 4th quarter Cancer--Cardinal Water--Emotional Rapport, Growth & Nurturing, Domestic Concerns
URANUS RETROGRADE BEGINS--Unexpected Changes, Difficulty Focusing, Rebellion
***Uranus Retrograde is happening in Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1940 and before that 1860. Buckle up folks!***
Jupiter Retrograde: Contemplation, Breaking Habits, Prioritizing
Saturn Retrograde: Take Responsibility, Don't Cut Corners, Limitations
Neptune Retrograde: Phobias Surface, Harsh Truths, Shattered Illusions
Pluto Retrograde: Evolution, Forced Transformation, Demolishing of Power
Chiron Retrograde: Heal Old Wounds, Face Deep Rooted Issues, Clarity & Insight in the Depths
Celtic Tree Month: Hazel--Tree of Divination

Pink Witch Aesthetic